Vouchers for the Fischbrötchen breakfast

Like announced we could achieve a discount for the Fischbrötchen (fish roll) breakfast at the “Kiek mol wedder in” Event on Sunday for you.

Fiedlers Fischmarkt will provide handmade, fresh Fischbrötchen on Sunday by 10 am for nice prices, so we can round up the nice weekend with a delicious Fischbrötchen breakfast.

Exclusively for event participants, we have vouchers. These vouchers can be bought on Friday and Saturday at the MEGA am MEER Info-Pavillon (Info-Desk). The vouchers cost 2,00 EUR and have a value of 2,50 EUR.

They can be redeemed on Sunday at Fiedlers Fischmarkt, located directly next to the Sunday event location. If a Fischbrötchen has a higher price than the voucher, the difference value is paid extra. A payoff of the vouchers is not possible.

With these vouchers the participants have free choise and get a discount of up to 20 % for Fischbrötchen (or other products of the assortment). We only have a limited amount of vouchers, based on the number of will attend logs at our Sunday event. So: first come, first serve!

We also start into the weekend with delicious fish on Friday. Exclusively by Fiedler we get 300 free fish sausages (“Fischbratwürste”) to try on the “Moin Moin” Event am Freitag. These Fischbratwürste are the first of its kind in the world and will be sold nationwide in supermarkets and stores.