MEGA am MEER banner for geocaching listings

Due to recent requests, we prepared a banner that you can use and embed in your listings.

Copy the code into your listing and you get the banner as shown below.

MEGA am MEER Banner
MEGA am MEER – Germany’s Mega Event 2015 at the North Sea!
19th-21st June 2015 in Bremerhaven, Germany.
Please note that you have to activate the checkbox  “The descriptions below are in HTML”  in your listing as it will not work otherwise. You can have a look at an example listing at Loschenturm [Reloaded].

We are happy about everyone who wants to spread the word and informs other cachers about MEGA am MEER.

Thanks your help!

MEGA am MEER Orga-Team

PS: Due to requests, here is another code snippet that links to the event listing instead of our website:



Welcome to our new MEGA am MEER website.

MEGA am MEER is the geocaching mega event that takes place in Bremerhaven in 2015. The organization team is working diligently to make sure we are all going to have a great weekend in Bremerhaven. So get out your pens and save the date to your schedules:

19. – 21. Juni 2015


Stay tuned on our social media channels to get the latest news about MEGA am MEER!