Overview of local activities around the MEGA am MEER

Exact five months until the MEGA am MEER and we’ve organized many things in the last days and weeks.
Mainly, we now have booked the perfect location for Friday and Sunday and in addition the Shop is 99 % ready and will go online this week.

You can order all things like tickets, shirts and coins in the MEGA am MEER Shop. Payment is done via the shop system, you receive the ordered articles on June 19th and 20th at the MEGA am MEER Event in Bremerhaven, Germany. Unfortunately, it is not possible to ship the orders to you.

We also recognized, that many cachers that participate on a MEGA event, also visit the local sights and landmarks (besides geocaching). Therefore we provide the following activities with discount rates for you:

Aussichtsplattform / Lookout Platform SAIL City

Directly next to the event location of the MEGA am MEER main event on Saturday you will find the SAIL City Hotel and on top of that the lookout platform.

SAIL City Hotel

With a total height of more than 140 metres, the ATLANTIC Hotel SAIL City is the highest building in town.

The lookout platform SAIL City is located on floors 20 and 21 – 90 meters above sea level and offers an unforgettable panoramic view over Bremerhaven, the overseas and fishery harbor and the surrounding countryside. Even as far as to the point where the River Weser becomes the North Sea. Get up high!

Opening hours: Friday to Sunday from 9 am to 9 pm. Last entry 30 minutes before closing time.

More information: Lookout Plattform Infopage

Klimahaus® Bremerhaven 8° Ost (Climate House® Bremerhaven 8° East)

Less than 200 meters away from the MEGA am MEER event on Saturday, the Klimahaus, that looks like a kidney bean ;-) , is located.


A journey around the world beginning and ending in Bremerhaven, always following the longitude-circle of 8° East, is one of the main attractions at the Klimahaus: From the refreshing coolness on the alp in Switzerland, through the scorching heat of the Sahel to the iciness of the Antarctic as well as the heavenly climate of the South Seas and the unsettled weather in Northern Germany. On the “Journey” in the Klimahaus® Bremerhaven 8° Ost visitors can experience first hand how the people live in the Earth’s most important climate zones. This unusual tour around the world leads through sceneries that are built true to original locations.

The “Perspectives” area takes a look at past and present climates, and the impacts on the future. In the section “Opportunities” the visitor is shown choices of action: he can, for example, test hands-on in theme chambers how he can contribute personally in everyday life to the reduction in CO2 emissions. Each exhibition section is designed so that it can be visited independently of the others.

Opening hours: 10 am to 7 pm, guided tours at 10 am and 1 pm.

More information: Klimahaus Infopage

Deutsches Auswandererhaus Bremerhaven (German Emigration Center Bremerhaven)

The German Emigration Center is located about 500 meters north of the MEGA am MEER Saturday event.


In the German Emigration Center visitors encounter the moving family stories of the emigrants – and also learn about the eventful paths of those who have made Germany their home since the 17th century. How does it feel to leave your homeland behind and to start off to a new life?

During a journey through the centuries visitors to the award-winning theme museum experience the farewell, the crossing and the arrival to the New World. On the life-like designed quay the sadness of the departure, the uncertainty, however also the hopes and dreams of the emigrants are intensely tangible. The journey comes to end in a reconstruction of Grand Central Terminal. Like no other location the magnificent New York train station is a symbol for the cultural diversity of the New World. Here you will learn how the emigrants, now being immigrants, settled in their new homeland, built themselves a new home and where they found work.

In the new wing the visitor will now in turn follow an immigrant on his/her path to Germany. In the authentic reconstruction of a shopping center from the year 1973 one can discover among the nostalgic sales articles memorabilia and traces of the immigrants. On a personal path the guests will learn the history of and stories about Germany’s largest and most important immigrant groups.

Opening hours: Friday to Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm.

More information: Auswandererhaus Infopage

Deutsches Schiffahrtsmuseum (German Maritime Museum)

The German Maritime Museum is located directly next to the MEGA am MEER Saturday event shop mile.


The German Maritime Museum (DSM) located directly on the Weser dyke presents the history of seafaring. On an exhibition area of more than 8.000 square meters and a park-like area with large maritime objects on land and the vintage ships of the museum fleet in the Old Harbor it forms a unique ensemble of German maritime history.

One of the highlights is the globally unique Hanseatic cog dated 1380. The original ships in the museum harbor, hundreds of valuable historical Maritime objects, including ships models, paintings, impressive dioramas, models to touch and try out inside and outside promise an entertaining as well as informative expedition through maritime history.

The DSM is one of the eight national research museums in Germany and a member of the Leibniz Association. Aside from the permanent and special exhibitions the museum preserves among other things approx. 30.000 technical drawings, more than 200.000 photographs, 450.000 negatives and image files, art print, posters and nautical charts. It’s library with some 92.000 titles on German maritime history and current shipping invites guests to browse through free of charge. Welcome aboard!

Opening hours: Friday to Sunday 8 am to 6 pm.

More information: Dt. Schiffahrtsmuseum Infopage.

Zoo am Meer with Northern Sea Aquarium

Zoo am Meer

The visitors of the Zoo at the Sea get an impression of the habitat of polar bears, polar foxes, common seals, fur seals and penguins: bizarre, barren deserts of ice, colourful tundra landscapes framed by water and more water. Views to the river Weser frequently provide an impression of the immense vastness of the landscapes represented. Underwater views open entirely different dimensions: flying penguins, diving polar bears and majestically gliding seals. As a contrast to this, there are also monkeys who, due to the tradition of seafaring in Bremerhaven – seamen brought them to the city from their foreign travels – also must have their place in the new zoo. Thus, chimpanzees roam the tropical jungle and savannah landscaped on the search for something to eat and poke an artificial termite hill for delicacies.

Children have the chance to playfully compete with the skills of the animals on parallel adventure trails or to explore the small adventure playground. To conclude a visit to the zoo, the visitor can relax on the terrace with a cup of coffee and enjoy the endless expanse of the ocean – not an everyday view! Additional highlights are the animal feedings and the seal training.

More information: Zoo am Meer Infopage

Weser cruise on the MS Geestemünde

MS Geestemünde

Enjoy a two hour cruise on board the two decks of the passenger ship MS “Geestemünde”, to the place where the saltwater of the North Sea mingles with the freshwater of the Weser River. Departure takes place from the New Harbor-West side, this way the passengers can experience a lock passage. Then the cruise passes by the new Kaiserschleuse, travels along the longest river quay in the world at the container-terminal all the way to the wadden sea at Land Wursten. Depending on the weather and tide levela stop to the seal banks can be made. On the return journey guests can also have a view of the Weser Islands Langlütjen 1 and 2 from the reling.

More information: MS Geestemünde Infopage

Containerterminal-Tour with the HarborBus (HafenBus)



Departure times:Saturday at 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm (duration time: 2 hours, 80 seats available per tour).

More information: HarborBus Infoseite

Harbor cruise through the Overseas Harbours

The glass roof ships “Lady Sunshine” and “Hein Mück” will show you the harbors of Bremerhaven from a new side.

Lady Sunshine

Cast away to a 1-hour cruise through all 7 overseas harbors. Experience the hustle and bustle of harbor life up close along with the gigantic ships, automobile transshipment, docks and shipyards. The departure point is centrally located in the New Harbor right next to the German Emigration Center. Enjoy your cruise with the glass-roofed ship-cabriolet through the New Harbor, the Emperor’s Harbor, the connecting harbor, the turning basin and the North Harbor. The tour is narrated by your captain who will give you lots of information. Snacks and beverages are also available on board. Depending on the weather, the ships can be heated.

Departure times: Saturday at 10:30 am and 12:45 pm.

More information: Infopage harbor cruise

If you are interested in these activities you can buy tickets in the MEGA am MEER shop soon at a reduced price. A timetable is available here (pdf file).

We hope we made a good choice with these activities – we recommend all of them to visit some nice places in Bremerhaven next to the MEGA am MEER event ;-)

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