Merry Christmas: The MEGA am MEER Coins

We would like to wish you a

Merry Christmas

We hope you can enjoy the holidays and have some resting time.

After much work, the MEGA am MEER orga team uses the time “between the years” to take a deep breath and regenerate for the upcoming year.

There are six months left until the MEGA am MEER Event and to sweeten your anticipation, we have a little christmas gift for you: The publication of the MEGA am MEER Geocoins:

We thank Sepp&Berta von for the beautiful and perfectly fitting aritime coin design – we can’t say which is the best ;-) We hope you like them at least as much as we do!

From mid of January the MEGA am MEER coin will be available in our shop for 13 EUR each or 33 EUR set price. The three versions are silver, goldbronze and copper. You will receive the ordered coins at the MEGA am MEER event similar to all other shop articles.

The coins are available from mid of January to 15th of March in the MEGA am MEER shop, due to the fact that we have to send the final order of the coins in March to receive them in time. Please consider that and place your order in the upper mentioned period to make sure to receive the coins.

General information: LaserMario will create a geocoin collector for the MEGA am MEER coin set.

And here are the three versions in detail:

Merry Christmas!

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