“I was there!”-Banner

In all of the preparations for the Event we forgot one thing: To update the banner for your profiles and websites. We caught up on this and changed “Ich bin dabei!” (I am there) to “Ich war dabei!” (I was there). If you included the old banner you don’t have to do anything. The new version is automatically included since it was replaced on the server ;-)

For all of you that didn’t use the banner before but want to include it now, here is the sourcecode you have to enter in your profile:

Vouchers for the Fischbrötchen breakfast

Like announced we could achieve a discount for the Fischbrötchen (fish roll) breakfast at the “Kiek mol wedder in” Event on Sunday for you.

Fiedlers Fischmarkt will provide handmade, fresh Fischbrötchen on Sunday by 10 am for nice prices, so we can round up the nice weekend with a delicious Fischbrötchen breakfast.

Exclusively for event participants, we have vouchers. These vouchers can be bought on Friday and Saturday at the MEGA am MEER Info-Pavillon (Info-Desk). The vouchers cost 2,00 EUR and have a value of 2,50 EUR.

They can be redeemed on Sunday at Fiedlers Fischmarkt, located directly next to the Sunday event location. If a Fischbrötchen has a higher price than the voucher, the difference value is paid extra. A payoff of the vouchers is not possible.

With these vouchers the participants have free choise and get a discount of up to 20 % for Fischbrötchen (or other products of the assortment). We only have a limited amount of vouchers, based on the number of will attend logs at our Sunday event. So: first come, first serve!

We also start into the weekend with delicious fish on Friday. Exclusively by Fiedler we get 300 free fish sausages (“Fischbratwürste”) to try on the “Moin Moin” Event am Freitag. These Fischbratwürste are the first of its kind in the world and will be sold nationwide in supermarkets and stores.


One week until the MEGA am MEER: Some general information

Just one week until the MEGA am MEER, so we decided to inform you about some general things:

Will there be Lab Caches?
A very frequent question: of course we will have Lab Caches at the MEGA am MEER. Like other MEGA events we were allowed to create ten Lab Caches, they will go online on Friday, June 19th at 5 pm parallel to the Friday event beginning GC54BHM.

Where can I park my car on Saturday?
The MEGA am MEER Saturday event takes place in the center of Bremerhaven, so – unfortunately – we don’t have an own parking place for the attendees. A list of different parking garages / car parks is available in our listing as Parking Waypoints.

Where can I camp with my tent / caravan near to the event?

An (English!) list of caravan parking lots is available here: List of caravan pitches,and a list of camping places here List of campsites. In addition, the team member Tudor99 has placed geocaches at caravan pitches near the event: Campen I and Campen II, with these you will find the places even easier ;-)

Are dogs allowed during the event?
Yes, of course! It is an outdoor event and if your dog can deal with crowds and other dogs he is welcome!

Which exhibitors are attending the MEGA am MEER?

Please find the list of attending shops here.

How do I get my event tickets? and my order?
All information about the order process is available in our announcement of May 5th and in this website entry.

Help! My order PDF file is gone, what to do?
Please write an email to shopfragen [ät] mega-am-meer [dot] de and tell us your adress and order email, so we can create a new PDF for you.

Will there be the possibility to buy event tickets during the event?
Yes, we sell event tickets during the event at the Info-Pavillon / info point (not the registration desk).

For what do I need the event ticket?
Did you already logged a “will attend” in the MEGA Event Listing? – If yes: Nice! If not: Please catch up on it! ;-) Why to buy tickets then? The event tickets finance the MEGA event, respectively all parts that cost money – also for us although we don’t want to make profit. Things like stage, stage equipment, pavillons, broschures, child program and all these parts are paid by the event tickets. Without this program points, we wouldn’t get enough geocachers to Bremerhaven at the same time for a MEGA event – the caches are always here! ;-)

Are there any geocoins / shirts left?
We indeed saved a little amount of MEGA am MEER coins for the event, to sell them on the Info-Pavillon / info point. The coins will cost 13,00 EUR per piece. If we have shirts left, we will sell them by Saturday afternoon at the Info-Pavillon for 13,00 EUR per piece. The DGzRS Cpins are also available, they are sold on the event Saturday on the ship Hermann Rudolf Meyer.

I’ve booked an activity (Klimahaus / DSM / …) and I would like to use the ticket on Friday. How do I get my order in time?
Please write a mail to Andreas and tell him, for which time do you need the activity ticket and by which time you are in Bremerhaven.

I have other questions!
Please write an email!